COLDSPELL, one of the most exciting European hard rock bands are back. 

By the middle of 2017 they released their fourth album A New World Arise. A collection of songs with no fillers, high compositive quality and performance, but over all; a unique sound that allows COLDSPELL bright among the amount of bands that saturate the scene now-a-days.

This was the perfect excuse to contact Michael Larsson and throw away a few questions just to get closer to their long awaited shows in Spain in February 2018.

J.A.L. – I´m glad to be talking with you, Michael, i hope you are fine. It has been four years since your last release, and you have been through some hard times meanwhile. Would you mind telling your Spanish fans what has hapenned during this waiting?

I´m glad to hear from you and the interest in my brainchild. Thanks, i´m fine and i´m very excited about the first visit in Spain with ColdSpell, finally! Yes there have been ups and downs but I guess thats what life is all about. Since the snowmobile accident I realized that life is fragile and even though “Carpe Diem” could be cliche I have to say that it sure means something these days. Try my best to fill every day with positivity. We planned to release an album earlier but sometimes life gets in the way, even though I guess I have songs for many albums I still believe that this album was ment to be what it is and released when it was released. For me it´s always so much more than just record the songs, it´ s all about bring every song to life and have a meaning.

J.A.L.- I think there is a perfect balance between the freshness of your proposal and the power of conventional hard rock. How would you describe COLDSPELL´s music to anyone who has not listened to you yet?

Thanks, yes it´s pretty much as you say and as I´m the main songwriter I guess it reflects me and what kind of music I listen to and as well the effort the other guys put in the songs. I would describe it as Hardrock/metal with some progressive stuff in to it. It´s a lot of classic hardrock mixed with metal, heavy but melodic.Think it´s more metal than aor and seem like with this album we had many reviews saying that this is “melodic metal” and maybe that is a good way to put it.

J.A.L.- Lyrics make a systematic diference between COLDSPELL and most of your coetaneous hard rock bands, it clearly seems you give them a special sense. Which meanings and feelings are we going to try out in A New World Arise?

I´m a believer of the chemistry and balance between words/ melody/ and the mode of the song. I think songs like “A new world arise” and “Forevermore” tell its own story and pretty much reflects a world gone mad and somehow they are suppose to bring light and hope and that there´s always something we can do instead of just sit and wait. Then we have “Signs” that is a song about loss and longing and finding strengh when all seem dark and without hope.





J.A.L.- Since Frozen Paradise until now, line-up is stable as seen in every solid performance from the whole band. In spite of that there are also some fantastic collaborations, a common trend or a need from compositions`request?

Well who knows, maybe a new trend or maybe an interesting project album to be seen? Yes I had the pleasure of bringing Ged Rylands (Tyketto) and Jona Tee (Heat) on a number of songs and they are real pro´s and did bring some amazing keys on the songs.

J.A.L- What are Spanish fans going to find in a COLDSPELL´s show? Will there be any surprises? Now it is your chance to sell some extra tickets!

Hopefully they will discover that ColdSpell is worth bringing back to Spain, haha. I hope they realize that there´s so much more energy in this band live than on an album and do hope that everyone is ready for some massive sing-a-long and prepare to get sweaty!

Let´s talk to the man behind the band, do you agree?

You are a very talented guitar player with multiple influences and skills.

J.A.L.- In your opinion, who do you think is the most underrated guitar player?

Thanks for your kind words and as I have always listened to all kinds of guitarists I always find inspiration no matter what style it is, still curious . Have to say that there is probably a bunch of underrated guitarists out there but someone who I always admired and should be more known is Ty Tabor from King´s X . What a genious.

J.A.L.- Are there any current bands you like? What do you think about present rock scene?

There is , like I said I listen to all kinds of music and try to check out all new albums and bands. For example a band like Pretty Maids is one band that just keeps getting better and better, and the vocal /songwriting skills of James Michael still blows me away. The rock scene today is huge and its easy to say that Rock aint Dead!

J.A.L.- Any musical guilty pleasure you´d like to share with Rock Angels? I can confess one of mine is the earlier Roxette, don´t laugh, your turn.

Haha, well I agree – loved the Roxette albums . Guess I haven´t got anything that is embarrassing. Maybe my passion for Whitney Houston in the -80´s , lol.



J.A.L. – If there were a record that made you decide to become a musician, which one would it be?

Oh theres a huge number of albums / artists / guitar players and songwriters that I would love to mention but one of the albums that maybe got me into guitars and all that was probably Deep Purple “Made in Japan” because of the energy on that album. But like I said, could mention hundreds more.

J.A.L.- And what about the songs? Which one do you think is the one you have listened to the most? And the one that you hate the most?

Oh my God, some questions you come up with, lol. Sometimes it´s hard to understand the success someone have with a song when it´s just a total crap, but like i said music is all about taste . The most ….. hmmmmm, well one song that always makes me feel good is Jouney – Seperate ways. Hate the most ……. well I´m not a fan of Bob Dylan, lol.

J.A.L.- It has been a great pleasure to interview you, fans would thank some words from you, rock them!

Pleasure was mine and can´t wait to meet and have some Sangria 😊

Interview: Jesús Alijo «Lux»