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The interview in which the reader is going to delve into below, I am convinced, is not going to be just another one of the bunch.

It won’t be because today we have the privilege of interviewing a living legend of German Heavy Metal: Herman Frank. Some know him from his various stages in Accept, the iconic Teutonic metal band, others from Victory, even from The German Panzer, Sinner or my idolized Moon’Doc.<

After establishing a connection, on the other side of the computer screen appears a smiling Herman, from ear to ear, with a cup of coffee in his hand. The headset he is wearing brings my first words to him. I take the opportunity to greet him and thank him for his time in his native tongue. Then, after a few laughs, I apologize for my German and ask him, if he doesn’t mind, to switch to Shakespeare’s language to make the interview possible. Frank gladly accepts and smiles again when he hears my promise: «I will try to speak more in your language the next time we meet».

Daniel Ortega: Herman, first of all, today is a very special day for me because I am talking with an international Heavy Metal legend. Thank you very much, Herman.

Herman Frank: Thank you very much to you. I really appreciate the compliments.

Daniel Ortega: First of all, I would like to congratulate you for all your successes to date, but in particular for the brilliant career with the band that bears your name: Herman Frank. A band with which you have already released five works, such as «Loyal to None» in 2009, «Right in the Guts» in 2012, «The Devil Rides Out» in 2016, «Fight the Fear» in 2019 and the brand new «Two for a Lie» that will see the light this May 2021. Congratulations Herman!

Herman Frank: Yes! That’s a lot of albums! -He laughs mischievously as he lights a cigarette, «Give me another ten years and maybe I can record as many more!

Daniel Ortega: Many of the fans recognize you for your militancy in mythical bands like Accept or Victory. To give you an idea, Herman, I’m a little over 40 years old and I’ve been listening to Heavy Metal since I was 11, that is, three decades of Heavy Metal practically every day… And when I talk to someone about this genre, but in particular about German Heavy Metal, I always put it as a perfect example of musical excellence within all the variants of metal. German Heavy shines with its own light… Don’t you think so?

Herman Frank: That’s right… It’s something special and that can be differentiated from the rest -he nods, in agreement, while exhaling a little cloud of smoke-.

Daniel Ortega: Let’s start the interview with a question, perhaps, complicated to answer. When someone listens to Heavy Metal wholesale, but who, in particular, listens to your music, regardless of the band where you have composed songs, recorded albums and played live, is able to recognize your playing, your guitar solos… You have a unique style… J*der, Herman… You are a German Metal legend and you are perfectly recognizable!

  • Herman snorts, grateful for the praise, and gives a broad smile, then lets out a big laugh. He ponders the answer for a few seconds and adjusts the cap that covers his head. I would not like to be in his shoes, because, by all accounts, it must be very difficult for someone with his long career to give an answer to such an emphatic question / statement… But he takes a breath, plucks up his courage, and, with great complicity, utters a few words that leave me pleasantly surprised.

Herman Frank: That’s what I’m looking for, ha ha ha… Seriously, thank you so much for your praise once again. That’s the best thing you can say to any guitarist, that he is recognized for his style, his sound, his playing… Most guitarists are looking throughout their career for just that what you just quoted. Sometimes there is luck, sooner or later… Sometimes not so much… If you don’t want to get «lucky» so soon… Take it easy and be patient. It’s simply a matter of hard work. I remember when I was very young, in high school, I started studying music. I started with the violin! In high school, when I had been playing the violin for more than ten years, I made the jump to the guitar. At that time I was listening to a lot of records. One of the first ones was «Very ‘eavy…. Very ‘umble» (1970) by the band Uriah Heep and, also, «The Magician’s Birthday» (1972). Somehow those records influenced me a lot in deciding to play guitar. I remember at the age of 14 or 15, when I started playing guitar, I would practice for long hours, many, many hours a day, even at Christmas, New Year’s… Every day! I almost drove my parents crazy! – he chuckles as he reminisces about the past.

Daniel Ortega: I understand you perfectly, Herman. When you love an instrument, but particularly the guitar, it can become obsessive. You play all the time, whether it’s nice outdoors, snow or rain. It doesn’t matter. You have to play. It’s an unstoppable need that comes from inside you….

Herman Frank: That’s right, you could compare it to playing a sport. You have to train to get better. The same with music. But… With age… Maybe I’ve become a little lazy… I don’t do as much nonsense as I used to do years ago -he laughs, light-heartedly, to play down the matter-. But when you have to rehearse for concerts or prepare for studio recordings… It gets serious. You have to work and you have to practice seriously like in the old days.

Daniel Ortega: Well, they say that playing the guitar is like riding a bicycle, once you learn… You never forget it!

Herman Frank: Wow… Wow… Something like that… -he laughs at the top of his lungs while making a typical grimace of a rogue who knows it all-. Man, if it was to play some pop or something like that, maybe… But no, for metal, when you have to play more complex things, my body asks for discipline. You know, this is serious business and in Heavy Metal you have to try your best to do things right.

Daniel Ortega: I totally agree with you. If you stop practicing frequently… You end up losing skills and then it’s difficult to get back to the level you enjoyed before.

Herman Frank: That’s right, you lose the skill…» he nods reflectively.

Daniel Ortega: Many followers of the Rock Angels blog also play in bands of different variants of metal, so the advice of a Heavy Metal legend for them is?

Herman Frank: Don’t forget to practice every day with your instruments! That’s right, there is no such thing as a guitarist who gets better by infuse science, the way to get better is by constant work… Even Uli Jon Roth… Yes, that legend also plays every day! -Herman laughs again for a few moments. That’s how I understand this profession. If you don’t practice you end up repeating yourself. You go back to using the same arpeggios, riffs, licks and so on. The thing is to improve over the years and listen to your previous work to improve yourself. Sometimes it happens to me, in a way, that I’ve been able to repeat myself…

Daniel Ortega: Well, but it’s not so bad to repeat yourself from time to time… That way, those of us who follow your work… We recognize you more easily!

Herman Frank: Maybe, thank you! But, in addition to the above, it’s the sound that also defines you as a guitarist. Yes, sound is important. But, the most critical thing of all is to keep an eye on the left hand, the chords and the sound come from there,» he smiles and winks at me knowingly.

  • «The German musician takes a short break for a smoke and a sip of coffee….»



Daniel Ortega: I remember I started listening to Heavy Metal when I was 11 years old and I «debuted» in the genre with «Restless & Wild», that great album by Accept in which you were a member at that time… -I see how Herman nods invaded by a certain nostalgia-. A friend’s older brother played us the first song of the album… «Fast as a Shark» started playing… And I said: «Oh my God!!! What madness is this?! It’s great!!!…. And that’s when it all started…

Herman Frank: My goodness, what a premiere! -Herman nods while smiling gratefully.

Daniel Ortega: It was incredible, believe me. A devastating rhythmic base… Two killer guitars… And Udo Dirkschneider’s inimitable voice resounding with authority over those metal blasts… It makes my hair stand on end remembering it!

Herman Frank: Right… By that time, the early ’80s, Accept was making music that was very different from other bands and, yes, we kind of broke through in the metal world. Nobody had heard that kind of music before, with that kind of intensity and aggressiveness… It was something unique then… I agree with you and, again, I really appreciate your words of praise. It was great to be part of it all.

Daniel Ortega: Many fans started listening, years ago, to Heavy Metal thanks to Accept. That’s why some of us long-time fans, with or without hair on our heads… -we both laughed in unison-, really appreciate what Accept and the music they created back in the day to make this genre we love so much bigger.

Herman Frank: Thanks again…

Daniel Ortega: After Accept there have been many more bands that have contributed very interesting material to Heavy Metal. For example, you yourself have been part of another great band called Victory…

Herman Frank: Victory… Maybe we couldn’t really classify it as Heavy Metal, we could rather classify it as melodic rock, something more commercial to define it somehow. I love Victory. Right now we are finalizing the preparations for a new album that will be released through AFM Records after the summer, maybe by mid-October.

Daniel Ortega: That’s great! We have quality material with «Two for a Lie» for spring and summer… And for next fall and winter the scoop you just gave us with the new Victory material.

Herman Frank: That’s right… I try to keep busy -slips a mischievous smile.

Daniel Ortega: When I have ever talked about Herman Frank with other metalheads, all or almost all the bands you have been in have always come up in the conversation, but there is one album out of all of them that is in my Top-10 and it is none other than Moon’Doc’s «Realm of Legends».

Herman Frank: Wooow, do you know that album? Very few people quote that album to me during interviews, I’m very proud of «Realm of Legends»! I’ll tell you the story… At that time I didn’t have a contract with a record label so I bought an 8-track recorder and recorded it… In my living room!

Daniel Ortega: Really, are you serious, this is not a joke?

Herman Frank: It’s absolutely true. As I am telling you… Yes. I set up everything I needed in my living room and that’s where we started recording… Then, for the mixing, I had to go to a professional studio, the real ones. I presented the demos of the songs in some places and, that way, I got some money to pay for a more professional recording. You can imagine… In the studio we had to use a lot of those old twenty-four track tapes… Or sixteen track tapes… It was crazy because there were a lot of arrangements and a lot of tracks to mix. But in the end it all turned out great,» he says with a smile that shows great satisfaction.

Daniel Ortega: You have left me perplexed with the anecdote of the recording of this musical masterpiece, «Realm of Legends», an album full of melodies, incredible riffs and masterful vocal lines. My most sincere congratulations for that.

Herman Frank: Thank you very much. Yes, at that time I really wanted to get that record out there. I didn’t have a label to support me but I wanted the public to hear my music. I fought for it, to get it out to the market and, in the end, I got lucky and my dream materialized. It wasn’t exactly an easy process. But… I succeeded!

Daniel Ortega: When I talk about music with other Herman Frank fans I always put you as a reference of a hard-working and constant person in life. For example, every day, early in the morning, millions of people get up early to go to their respective jobs and all that… We can say that… Herman Frank is a worker in the Heavy Metal industry?




  • «Both of us, after asking the question, let out a long laugh that has served to break a little the nostalgia, which I presume painful, that the whole process of recording «Realm of Legends» (Moon’Doc in 2002) meant for him.»

Herman Frank: Yes, you could say that! What’s more… Heavy Metal is my profession, but, at the same time, it’s also my great passion. Yes, first and foremost it is my passion. When I was a teenager, a kid of 15 or maybe 16 years old, I had been playing guitar for a couple of years and it was clear to me. I wanted to be a rock-star. At that age I saw my first live concert of a (German) band. It all happened in a City Hall and I was fascinated by the display, the amps and all that. That’s what gave me the impetus to get into it, and since then I’ve never given up. I’ve been through some very difficult times, I can assure you, with no record label to back me up…

Daniel Ortega: You have an enormous merit. You have remained active from your beginnings to the present, despite the ups and downs along the way. That speaks of your great determination to achieve your dream and live it with intensity on a daily basis, as you do today.

Herman Frank: There came a time when I decided to stop «jumping» from one band to another and returned to create my own project, with my name, Herman Frank. You know, sometimes there are musicians who belong to several bands at the same time, they come and go from one to the other, and that complicates the continuity of many musical projects, scheduling gigs, etc. So, when the opportunity came, I decided to create Herman Frank. I had the opportunity to do it and I started playing with the musicians I felt like playing with. I could afford it! Although, on the other hand… I’d like to make a record with K.K. Downing (former Judas Priest guitarist). That’s one of my biggest dreams. He is one of my great idols.

Daniel Ortega: Right. Judas Priest are legendary. Even though there have been important changes in the band, the recent «retirement» of Tipton… They’re still killing it on stages all over the world!

Herman Frank: That’s right… -he nods with a glint of respect for the British band in his eyes-. But, hey, I’m still waiting for a call from the Priests! Call me! I’d ride my bike to England if I had to!

Daniel Ortega: Good thinking! They have no more excuses! They had a foreign singer, Owens, from the USA! Why the hell couldn’t they recruit a great German guitarist now?

Herman Frank: I’d love to! I’m not giving up! Maybe they’ll call me… Sooner or later!

Daniel Ortega: It would be a great thing to see you play with the Judas.

Herman Frank: I’m sure it would. I would enjoy every note… Every chord…


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  • «After the friendly but also respectful joke about his possible signing with the legendary Judas Priest, we return to delve into personal aspects of his career and his understanding of music. He confesses to me that there are veteran bands, like Judas or AC/DC, that have many imitators. We discussed this for a few minutes and came to the joint conclusion that the essence of these bands and their great international success is undoubtedly the way in which the music they have created (and continue to create) is capable of touching your soul… And that is not easy to achieve. He did it with Accept back in the day when they recorded «Restless & Wild» and it is something he is very proud of. His eyes sparkle with the nostalgia of that time.
  • Now let’s talk a bit about the current panorama, a little bit fateful for music in any country in the world, so I see how Herman’s countenance becomes a little serious…»

Daniel Ortega: Herman, we are currently going through a very hard time due to the pandemic, which started in 2020 but still, in the middle of 2021, is still wreaking havoc… How has the whole thing affected you?

Herman Frank: Thank God I’m not a teenager anymore… You know… For them it’s got to be a lot more complicated. I mean, they like to party a lot more than I do, they need that kind of social interaction more… Going out partying every Friday back to back! -we laughed in unison. I’ve had enough partying throughout my life… I miss it, believe it or not, but that belongs to another era. I don’t have to spread out as much as I did years ago. Now I have my own studio so I work on my own and I have to put a lot of effort into my profession (as a musician and in the studio) on a daily basis. Throughout the past 2020 and 2021 I have kept myself very busy. Despite the current situation, we must remain calm and patient. Yes, we can’t go out to restaurants, to the cinema… But, well, that’s okay. On the one hand, many people complain because they cannot go on vacation, to concerts, etc., but, on the other hand, we must keep in mind that there are many people who die every day because of this pandemic, both patients and health professionals.

Daniel Ortega: I totally agree with you, Herman, we must remain patient and be very prudent.

Herman Frank: Sure. Maybe people should focus on other activities to help them cope with this situation. Read books… Play an instrument… Or put on a record and listen to it in front of the stereo, do nothing else, just spend time enjoying the music, like they did decades ago. We have to keep in mind what we enjoyed before the pandemic and how much we should appreciate what we have now, as well as what we will be able to do again once normality is restored. Surely many of us bands will have to play in successive years in smaller clubs and venues, maybe there won’t be any lucrative profits, but at least we will be able to perform live.

Daniel Ortega: Now that we are talking about playing live… There are some bands that have played on-line concerts for their fans. Has Herman Frank thought about or would you like to do some kind of performance of this style?

Herman Frank: Ugh… No. I wouldn’t do it. I respect those who do, of course. But I don’t understand that way of giving a concert, it wouldn’t be the same. It would be like acting in a movie! Ha, ha, ha… Unthinkable. I need the smell of sweat -slides a comical grimace- and the warmth of the venues and clubs where we play. I think you understand me. I need to feel the presence of the audience, the screams and the headbangers in front of me going crazy to the beat of the music. That’s what I would love to experience again.

Daniel Ortega: Maybe the next question is a bit complicated to answer… Herman, do you remember the last concert you played? If someone had told you it would be the last one for a season because of the pandemic issue, would you change anything about that performance?

Herman Frank: The last concert I participated in was in March of last year (2020). It was a benefit we did for a charity for children with disabilities. It was with Victory… The first show with Victory in a long time! A lot of people asked us if we were going to do more in the future… But we were advised against it for safety reasons and, logically, we had to cancel the shows that would follow that one. It was a dangerous and risky thing to do. Many bands were also starting to cancel or postpone their shows. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone getting sick in the clubs, in the audience or even in my band… I think everyone understands this way of proceeding. At the end of the day, it’s a very serious thing: everyone’s health should and must be preserved. For the future, if things change, I think we will have to gradually return to the old way of giving concerts. Hopefully soon… I think that in 2022 there will be a lot of bands on the road… Maybe there will be shows in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night… I’m sure it will be crazy!

Daniel Ortega: Right. Many bands have postponed their shows for 2022 or are scheduling them for the following year. Hopefully soon you guys will be able to get back in action like in the old days.

Herman Frank: Fingers crossed! It seems that, day by day, the situation is improving….

Daniel Ortega: Herman, we have been talking for a long time… Almost half an hour!

Herman Frank: Don’t worry about the time – he smiles and nods his head several times.

Daniel Ortega: I must confess that the first time I listened to your new album, «Two for a Lie», I can assure you that my jaw dropped and I said… Wow! This is Herman Frank in pure form and he is back to punch us in the face with his great Heavy Metal.

Herman Frank: Thank you very much…

Daniel Ortega: The album opens with a blast like «Teutonic order», then continues with a gem like «Venom» and so on until the end. One great song after another during three quarters of an hour of pure old school Heavy Metal. We have about ten songs very well selected from all the material you would have prepared for the recording. Was it difficult to select the 10 songs that make up «Two for a Lie»?

Herman Frank: Yes, I usually write more songs for each album than the ones that make up the final selection that goes out to the public. A couple of years ago, when I talked to the record company I’m currently working with, it was decided that we couldn’t put 14, 15 or maybe 17 songs on one album… We’d have to record a double album! That would be crazy! So we agreed that no, the best thing would be to make a strong album with 10 good songs and a length of about 45 minutes in total. It’s a formula that has worked for decades, so we came to a good understanding. About the additional material… If I remember those songs later on, for future recordings, then they were good and will be worth including in future works.

Daniel Ortega: I think it’s a good idea to save some songs for the future… They can always be improved to be part of the next album you prepare.

Herman Frank: Indeed… I think that the line of work that we have followed during the creation of «Two for a Lie» has been optimal. I am very proud of this album. In my opinion I think it conveys the strength and energy of each song very well. It even has a certain «live performance» feel to it. That’s why I wanted the production to be optimal as well. Nothing to «overproduce» a work that, in my opinion, is very good, it is, as you said before, a punch in the face… There is no weird stuff… It’s Heavy Metal without concessions.

Daniel Ortega: You bet Herman. I can assure you that this is a brilliant album. It is pure Heavy Metal, with catchy songs, with a lot of strength and very well produced. During the first listen I remember that two songs caught my attention. One was «Venom», maybe a bit «slower» than other tracks on the album, but very melodic and catchy… I’ve had it playing in my head for several days! And another track that I loved, without underestimating the rest, of course, was «Eye of the Storm»… Wow! It’s a great song! It reminds me a lot of your album «Realm of Legends»… What a great track!

Herman Frank: Thank you very much for your words. Yes, it reminds you of other works because that’s my way of composing songs. It’s in my DNA and I don’t want to change my style of playing and songwriting. There is no need to make that change. Many fans know the way I play and compose. It’s the music I like, Heavy Metal, and that’s what I stick to. For example, I particularly like the song «Venom»… It’s a very good song to play in the car, with one arm on the steering wheel and the other on the window frame… Perfect for driving. Doesn’t it give you that feeling?

Daniel Ortega: It fits! Also, Herman, throughout listening to the new album, «Two for a Lie», I have been able to appreciate a very clear message which is: «Stand firm in the face of problems and fight to solve them. Don’t give up.» Is that the intention you have with this album as well, to send this message to those who listen to this album?

Herman Frank: That’s right… Exactly. There’s no giving up, there’s no other option.

  • «»There’s no option for givin’ up» – says Herman with a categorical air and a firm look.»

Herman Frank: It’s a short message, but it’s clear. I mean… Throughout life there are times or situations when you say… Ugh, I can’t take it anymore, I quit, I give up… But, it’s in those moments when you have to stand up, stand firm and face the situation, no matter how hard it is. If you stand up and fight, you will always find a way forward. That is my philosophy of life. You have to handle life in such a way that if you run into an obstacle along the way, it doesn’t matter, you face the problem and keep walking….

  • «I am speechless with the life lesson that Herman has just given me, with a certain pause, reflecting on each word he has just pronounced, basing them, for sure, on his life experience. Undoubtedly, I have just witnessed one of the magical moments that have shone brightly throughout this interview. It is just then that I make a confession…»

Daniel Ortega: Herman, there are many people who, when they suffer from serious health problems, turn to music to escape or to feel an extra boost in their motivation to overcome such difficult situations. Years ago, I myself almost went to the other side of the street because of a health problem and, fortunately, I was able to come out of that event alive. In the midst of the darkness of those uncertain days there was something that accompanied me, day after day, to encourage me and push me to get out of all that: it was the music that helped me, it was the Heavy Metal that I have listened to since I was a teenager that, in one way or another, illuminated the road to recovery, which I must admit was not easy at all. There were my favorite bands, with their songs, but especially some of them with lyrics that encouraged me to keep fighting to overcome any kind of difficulty. Do you share with me that Heavy Metal music, perhaps, is unique because of the strength it gives off both in its music and in the meaning of its lyrics?

Herman Frank: Yes, I can tell you that I almost completely agree with you on what you just said. Music in general, in my opinion, transmits good emotions and sensations. In my compositions I intend to do so. If you listen to your favorite band or bands, indeed, your mood will surely improve in those complicated situations. That’s the important thing. Listen to the music you like and enjoy it. There are those who translate the lyrics and get the messages. That’s fantastic. Others just dance to the music… And that’s great too!

Daniel Ortega: Do you have a formula for writing the lyrics of your songs? What inspires you? Because there are very varied themes throughout your discography: betrayal, love, misunderstandings, problems that plague society, etc.

Herman Frank: Good question… I think you have to write something, otherwise all the themes would be instrumental, and I don’t like instrumental themes too much… -he lets out a loud laugh-. You see… When it comes to writing I get inspired or we get inspired by what surrounds us, by the things that happen around us. Many of those situations that we experience are the same that so many millions of people live in their daily lives. Of course there are themes that talk about love, hate and all those kinds of feelings. Things that matter and have a transcendent meaning in our lives. The truth is that I don’t see myself writing lyrics about art or things like that… I prefer to talk about more everyday things that affect us all, especially those issues that we are often crushed by and that we see in the news, unfortunately, so often.

Daniel Ortega: How right you are Herman! That’s great… I’ve been listening to Heavy Metal for about thirty years and I believe that certain messages hidden in many songs, besides being related to important topics, also reflect the feelings and emotions of millions of fans all over the world.

Herman Frank: That’s right. You are right. If you want the public to listen to your songs you have to touch on themes in the lyrics that catch their attention and that they can relate to… As well as liking the music!

Daniel Ortega: Let’s review the musicians that make up HERMAN FRANK since, with respect to the line-up that appears in the credits of «Two for a Lie» there are certain changes. We have Rick Altzi on vocals (Sweden), Michael Müller on bass (Germany), Herman Frank… What does this name sound like to me? -we laughed knowingly at the mention of the great German guitarist-. The line-up is completed by guitarist Michael Pesin (Russia) and drummer Kevin Kott (Germany). My goodness… We have an international band! Was the creation process, the rehearsals and the planning of future concerts complex?

Herman Frank: Not at all… Michael Pesin, the Russian, has been living in Germany for some time now and also lives near my house in Hannover. So it’s very easy to work with him because we can meet at my place, at his place or in the studio, so it’s a very comfortable situation for both of us. About the singer… Well unfortunately we don’t have any good singers in the neighborhood… Ha ha ha ha! It could be great, I would be very happy, but it has not been possible. Joking aside… With Rick, who by the way, after hearing him sing for the first time I knew he was going to fit very well in the band and I did my best to get him to join me, it’s also very easy to work with because he lives relatively close, he can come here by car if necessary or take a flight… It’s not a big problem to get together with the guys to work. You know, for music there are no borders, music is international. If you want to work with great musicians, that’s the way it is, there are times when you have to cross borders if you have to.

Daniel Ortega: Some bands, nowadays, like HERMAN FRANK and many others in Germany, we can find musicians of different nationalities in which their members meet in a concrete point (rehearsal room, studio, etc.) to rehearse, to prepare the material for new albums or to prepare the tours…

Herman Frank: That’s right… That’s right… – the legendary German guitarist nods repeatedly.

  • Time is against us and, to prevent Herman from being late for his next interview, I fire the last two questions left in my clip point-blank. Impossible to leave them unanswered now that our meeting via videoconference is about to conclude…

Daniel Ortega: You are already at a respectable age, no more and no less than 62 years old… Do we have Herman Frank for a few more years? Can we expect a few more albums or are you thinking of retiring from the music business?

Herman Frank: Oh, gosh, yes, that’s for sure. Right now I can’t think of anything else but writing good music. Heavy Metal is my profession and also my passion, what else could I do in the years ahead of me? I don’t plan to do anything different from what I’ve been doing so far. There are still some things I would like to do… -he looks at the ceiling and smiles from ear to ear in an attempt to summarize in one sentence all his plans for the future-. Maybe one or two years from now I’ll be planning a compilation album with songs that cover my whole career, but it will be something special, I assure you, a kind of «re-recording» of selected songs from all the bands I’ve played in throughout my life, from Accept, Victory and Sinner, to Moon’Doc and The German Panzer. A fascinating project in which I will try to get several singers involved… about five or six! Yes, it would be one of those jobs I’d love to do sooner rather than later.

Daniel Ortega: I didn’t expect any other answer coming from a great musician like you. The truth is that you give me a joy because whenever you release a new album, I stop to listen to it carefully and I think: Yes, there’s Frank again and he’s back with real Heavy Metal. You are faithful to this style and that is to be appreciated by your fans… So, as it couldn’t be otherwise, I understand that you will stay faithful to Heavy Metal until the end.

Herman Frank: Of course… So… Fear not! I will not record a reggae album!

Daniel Ortega: All over the planet, but in Spain in particular, within the international Heavy Metal scene, you have always been one of the most respected musicians for your spectacular career within the genre. There are legion of us who have a lot of admiration for you. You are a living legend of German Heavy Metal, would you like to dedicate some final words for the Spanish fans?

Herman Frank: I wish to see all the Spanish fans very soon at the next shows. I really do. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s always been great to visit Spain because there are a lot of very loyal metalheads there always ready to have a good time at the live shows. Impossible to forget you guys, hope to see you soon!

Daniel Ortega: Thank you very much for your time and, above all, for your music. It has been an honor to share these great moments with you. I can assure you that it has been a very special evening.

Herman Frank: Thank you, really. Take care of yourself.

  • «With a friendly gesture and a little rushed, the German guitarist concludes the videoconference because he has to get to his next press conference without delay.
  • It is just at that precise moment, when his friendly countenance fades on the monitor, that I decide to start transcribing this interview, as I do not want any emotion to fade away with the passing of the hours or days. So, let’s get to work, in front of the keyboard, so that, in some way, dear reader, you too can be part of this magical encounter with one of the greats of German Heavy Metal: Herman Frank.»

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