HARDCORE SUPERSTAR – Abrakadabra (2022) English Review

I can’t help but loving HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, they really turn me on! Their image, the sheer power, their intensity… that’s the fucking ROCK N’ ROLL that I love!! But overall, they are able to write an amazing amount of great songs album after album, the kind of songs that turns a bloody Monday into a glorious Friday night!

When the band was found in the late 90s, they meant some kind of rebirth for the Sleaze Rock scene, which was dying after the glorious 80s and early 90s, due to the rise of Grunge (what else??). But many bands arose in the North of Europe bringing this street attitude, this dirty rock n’ roll and this raw image back. 20 Years and 11 powerful albums later, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR will release their 12th effort, “Abrakadabra”, which, no doubt about it, holds up to their legacy and DNI.

The 3 singles released in 2021 give enough evidence of what we will find in the LP and how good the boys feel in 2022. I’m definitely choosing Catch me if you can, a hard-hitting dirty song, performed at full speed and which contains the best solo of the album. The video is as standard as effective, with all members playing their ass off… well, all except Martin Sandvik, who with this bass, his hat and his rhythm seems to be taken out of a BLACK STONE CHERRY show and really makes a big contrast with the hard hitting of Adde, with the powerful guitar playing of Vic Zino and for sure with the hurricane man, Mr. Jocke Berg.

“Weep when you die is definitely not a soft one, but it’s the catchy and melodic chorus the one that tops this song and should take it to every radio station worldwide. Dreams in red song and video twist and turns with heaviness until they reach a very good and rhythmic chorus. 

According to the band, this album could perfectly be the continuation of their Black Album, “Hardcore Superstar” from 2005 and has also Johan Reiven on Production, trying to catch up with the energy and mood of that album, where they went a bit heavier. I would personally not consider this album “very heavy”, but a good compilation of songs that will take you on a ride to having a great time with your friends and some 6-packs. 

Or also the perfect music to drive full speed to a HARDCORE SUPERSTAR concert!! Once in the “concert”, some shots will gear you up, with some thick strong riffs from songs such as Give me a smile or also in One for all where not only the good riffs, but also a great solo will make Vic Zino shine over his bandmates. After the shots, some dancing time with songs like the horny and lively “Influencer” or the great Forever and a day, that will remind you to the missed 80s, with their “made in Leppard” melodic chorus. I heard it will be the next single.

The band sounds really tight from beginning to end, and we can feel that they have been already 14 years with Vic Zino on guitars and more than 20 years the rest playing together. You just need to hear the initial Abrakadabra and feel how the intensity shakes off your body and you get infected by the infectious rhythm, or also you can feel them wrecking it all with the strong Throw a brick, only softened a bit in the good chorus. Fighter is the only different song, played on acoustic guitars and with a very positive vibe that can help us all… as who does not feel like a fighter many days of our lives? Fantastic song to end up a great album and leave us with a big smile on the face… and willing to push Play again.

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR know their game and what the fans are expecting from them. And they deliver once again 10 kick-ass songs of pure fucking ROCK N’ ROLL. “Abrakadabra” holds up the status of our dear Swedish mates very high, from where it should never fall. Looking forward to see them live in their next Tour. I will definitely be right in the front row, t-shirt out, beers in and ready for a good time.

By order of Metalson

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