Si algo he aprendido en este duro año de pandemia, y viendo el panorama que aun nos queda, cada vez tengo más claro que todo lo que quieras decir, sentir o vivir, ha de ser en el momento. Los homenajes, todos, en vida. Ronnie Atkins anunció el regreso de su cáncer, al que creíamos haber vencido en febrero de 2020, en estadio cuarto e incurable, una de las peores noticias de finales de ese mismo año. Desde el corazón y con la pasión por bandera te rendimos tributo ahora que tenemos la suerte de tenerte cerca. Va por usted Mr. RONNIE ATKINS.

If I have learned anything in this hard year of pandemic, and seeing the panorama that we still have left, I am more and more clear that everything you want to say, feel or live, has to be in the moment. Tributes, all of them, in life. Ronnie Atkins announced the return of his cancer, which we thought he had beaten in February 2020, in stage four and incurable, one of the worst news at the end of that year. From the heart and with passion as our flag we pay tribute to you now that we are lucky enough to have you close by. Here’s to you Mr. RONNIE ATKINS:


1.- PRETTY MAIDS – Shelly The Maid – Pretty Maids (1983 CBS Records)
2.- PRETTY MAIDS – Back To Back – Red, Hot and Heavy (1984 CBS Records)
3.- PRETTY MAIDS – Yellow Rain – Future World (1987 CBS Records)
4.- PRETTY MAIDS – Young Blood – Jump The Gun (1990 CBS Records)
5.- PRETTY MAIDS – Love & A Fiction – Offside (1992 Epic/Sony Records)
6.- PRETTY MAIDS – Know It Ain´t Easy – Sin-Decade (1992 Columbia Records)
7.- PRETTY MAIDS – Please Don´t Leave Me (Phil Lynnot/John Sykes´ Acoustic Version ) – Stripped (1993 Epic/Sony Records)
8.- PRETTY MAIDS – Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth – Scream (1994 Epic Records)
9.- PRETTY MAIDS – Walk Away – Scream (1994 Epic Records)
10.- PRETTY MAIDS – Never Too Late – Spooked (1998 Massacre Records)
11.- PRETTY MAIDS – Hard Luck Woman (KISS cover) (1998 Massacre Records)
12.- PRETTY MAIDS – Det Besdte Til Mig Og Venner (GASOLINE cover)– The Best Of Pretty Maids… Back To Back (1998 Massacre Records)
13.- PRETTY MAIDS – Back Off – Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing (1999 Massacre Records)
14.- PRETTY MAIDS – They Are All Alike – Carpe Diem (2000 Massacre Records)
15.- PRETTY MAIDS – He Who Never Lived – Planet Panic (2002 Massacre Records)
16.- PRETTY MAIDS – Terminal Violence – Welcome To The Real World (2006 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
17.- PRETTY MAIDS – Perfect Strangers (DEEP PURPLE COVER) – Welcome To The Real World (2006 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
18.- PRETTY MAIDS – Little Drops Of Heaven – Pandemonium (2010 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
19.- AVANTASIA– Invoke The Machine – The Mistery Of Time (Nuclear Blast)
20.- PRETTY MAIDS – Motherland – Motherland (2013 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
21.- PRETTY MAIDS – My Soul To Take – Louder Than Ever (2014 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
22.- AVANTASIA – Unchain The Light – Ghostlights (2016 Nuclear Blast)
23.- PRETTY MAIDS – Sickening – Kingmaker (2016 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
24.- NORDIC UNION – 21 Guns – Nordic Union (2016 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
25.- NORDIC UNION – Rock´s Still Rolling – Second Coming (2017 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
26.- AVANTASIA – Book Of Shallows – Moonglow (2019 Nuclear Blast)
27.- PRETTY MAIDS – Black Thunder – Undress Your Madness (2019 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
28.- PRETTY MAIDS – Runaway World – Undress Your Madness (2019 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
29.- RONNIE ATKINS – One Shot – One Shot (2021 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)
30.- RONNIE ATKINS – When Dreams Are Not Enough – One Shot (2021 Frontiers Music S.R.L.)

Directed by Jesús Alijo LUX