HELLOWEEN – Reediciones 2020

Hoy, HELLOWEEN reedita sus álbumes clásicos «Unarmed», «Straight Out Of Hell» y «7 Sinners» a través de Nuclear Blast. A continuación puedes encontrar los formatos y las listas de canciones con varios bonus tracks para cada uno de los álbumes.

– CD-Digi
– LP (Clear, God-Black Marbled, Orange-Black Splatter)

01          Dr. Stein
02          Future World
03          If I Could Fly
04          Where The Rain Grows
05          The Keeper’s Trilogy (Medley)
06          Eagle Fly Free
07          Perfect Gentleman
08          Forever And One (Neverland)
09          I Want Out
10          Fallen To Pieces
11          A Tale That Wasn’t Right
12          Why? (Bonustrack)

«Straight Out Of Hell»:
– CD-Digi
– LP (Clear, Orange-Black Bi-colored, Red-Gold Splatter)

01          Nabataea
02          World Of War
03          Live Now!
04          Far From The Stars
05          Burning Sun
06          Waiting For The Thunder
07          Hold Me In Your Arms
08          Wanna Be God
09          Straight Out Of Hell
10          Asshole
11          Years
12          Make Fire Catch The Fly
13          Church Breaks Down
14          Another Shot Of Life (Bonustrack)
15          No Eternity (Bonustrack)
16          Burning Sun – Hammond Version (Bonustrack)

«7 Sinners»:
– CD-Digi
– 2LP (Clear, Orange-Black Marbled, Clear-Orange Splatter)

01          Where The Sinners Go
02          Are You Metal?
03          Who Is Mr. Madman?
04          Raise The Noise
05          World Of Fantasy
06          Long Live The King
07          The Smile Of The Sun
08          You Stupid Mankind
09          If A Mountain Could Talk
10          The Sage The Fool The Sinner
11          My Sacrifice
12          Not Yet Today
13          Far In The Future
14          I’m Free (Bonustrack)
15          Faster We Fall (Bonustrack)
16          Aiming High (Bonustrack)