En diferido y en descarga, el genuino programa de rock de Jesus Mujico. Esta semana el playlist es el siguente

1.-Ted Nugent- Stormtroopin
2.-King of the sun- fire on the Mountain
3.-Jesse Damon- Love’s Gone Gold
4.- Oli Brown – Love`s Gone cold
5.- Smashed Gladys- g oin’ on crazy
6.- Adriangale- the black and blue
7.-Burning kingdom- falling down
8.-Theander Expresion- Meet me there tonight
9.- Slash Puppet- when the whip comes Down
10.-The Dead Daisies- it’s gona Take
11.-Cage the gods- Favourite sin
12.-Aynsley Lister- You make it real
13.-Roadfever- wolk pack
14.-Stryper-Sticks and stones
15.-Color Three- Dance all night
16.-Temperance Movement- Serenity
17.-Leslie West- Dying since the day I was
18.-Stoney Curtis Band- Grifter
19.- Seventh Key- The only one
20.-Wallenberg’s Whiskey Hell- Wouldn’t you like know me

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